For any kind of video

• The editor can insert any type of button inside any video he or she likes to monetize.
• The editor specifies a timer, an inset and either pause or continuous flow.
• The video plays normally. After the timer expires, the button appears.
• The video is on pause or continues to play, depending on the editor choice.
• The button covers the video screen, minus an inset, leavng out a portion of the video visible.

• In the examples below, the threshold is set to 2 videos without login, with no USD limit and no timeframe limit.
• If you click and purchase the 1st and 2nd video, when you click the 3rd, you will be asked to pay for the past 3 purchases and credit your account.
• These test purchases will not be processed as normal purchases. You will not have to pay for them.

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Example of 3 videos


Video 1

This video will pause after 3 seconds.

Video 2

This video will ask to pay after 3 seconds and will continue to play in the background.

Video 3

This video will pause. If you buy it after buying the first 2 ones, it will redirect you to credit your account.